Portugal presents an enthralling and inspiring cultural tapestry with its rich history, varied customs, and thriving arts sector. The vibrant tiles that adorn historic buildings and the melancholic songs of fado are just two examples of how Portuguese culture celebrates innovation, legacy, and community. Revista Amar invites readers to explore the depth and beauty that characterise this dynamic country by delving into the numerous dimensions of Portuguese culture. It acts as a portal to this vibrant culture.


Centro histórico de Bobbio - Piacenza - Itália


Portugal’s Soul, or Fado

Celebrated for its poignant lyrics and mournful melodies, fado is an iconic musical genre from Portugal, as highlighted in Revista Amar. Through the magazine’s pieces on ancient fado homes, interviews with fado singers, and profiles of legendary performers, readers can gain a deeper knowledge of the cultural significance of this ageless art form and its lasting influence on Portuguese culture.

Customary Events and Festivities

Portugal has a wide range of customary festivities and festivals that honour the nation’s rich cultural past. Revista Amar gives readers an insight into the wide range of rituals and traditions that characterise Portuguese culture, from the exuberant revelry of Carnival to the solemn processions of Easter. The journal allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavours of these colourful festivals through images, articles, and event listings.

Gourmet Treats: Pastel de Nata to Bacalhau

Revista Amar’s coverage of Portuguese food, which includes well-known dishes like pastel de nata, bacalhau, and caldo verde, entices readers’ palates. Portuguese cuisine is a feast for the senses, and the journal highlights the variety of flavours and ingredients that go into making it, from classic family recipes to creative culinary inventions. Revista Amar takes readers on a delectable culinary adventure through restaurant reviews, cooking tips, and profiles of regional chefs.

Portuguese Tile Art, or Azulejos

Revista Amar’s pages honour the art of azulejos, or old Portuguese tiles. Azulejos, with their elaborate patterns and vivid colours, cover everything from modern buildings and public places to antique castles and churches. The magazine invites readers to enjoy the beauty and workmanship of this famous art form by exploring the history, craftsmanship, and cultural relevance of azulejos through features, photo stories, and articles.

Rich Cultural Legacies in Architecture and Art

Revista Amar covers museums, galleries, and historical sites, showcasing Portugal’s rich creative and architectural legacy. The journal provides readers with a visual feast of Portugal’s cultural heritage, ranging from the modern art galleries of Lisbon to the mediaeval castles of the Alentejo. Through artist biographies, exhibition evaluations, and architectural style investigations, Revista Amar honours the inventiveness and inventiveness that have moulded Portugal’s artistic scene.

Poetry and Literature: A Word Legacy

Revista Amar honours Portugal’s literary heritage, encompassing contemporary novels by José Saramago and epic poetry by Luís de Camões. The magazine highlights the diversity and depth of Portuguese literature with features on literary events, author interviews, and book reviews. Revista Amar gives readers a portal into the world of Portuguese letters and the ability of narrative to provide light on the human condition, regardless of whether they enjoy classic or modern literature.




Tradition and Artistry

Portugal is well known for its traditional artisanal skills, which include woodworking, embroidery, and weaving in addition to pottery and weaving. Revista Amar gives readers an inside look at the workshops and studios of the artisans and craftsmen who continue these traditions. The journal celebrates the legacy and inventiveness of Portuguese workmanship with sections on craft fairs and markets, master craftsmen profiles, and instructions on traditional crafts.

Folklore and Dance: A Celebration of Motion

The colourful world of Portuguese dance and folklore is explored in Revista Amar, from the lively rhythms of the rancho folclórico to the elegant motions of classic dance forms like the fandango and the vira. The journal celebrates the customs that unite communities via song and dance by allowing readers to immerse themselves in the excitement and vibrancy of Portuguese dance and folklore through articles, films, and interviews with dancers and choreographers.

Events and Happenings in Culture

Portugal is a year-round centre for cultural events, hosting everything from film screenings and theatre productions to music festivals and art exhibits. Revista Amar offers event listings, reviews, and sneak peeks at forthcoming attractions to bring readers up to date on the most recent cultural events and activities. The journal provides an extensive guide to Portugal’s cultural calendar, catering to both culture-vultures seeking their next hit and visitors keen to discover the country’s thriving arts sector.

Participation and Engagement in the Community

Revista Amar’s fundamental message encourages readers to actively participate with Portuguese culture and heritage as it celebrates community and cultural identity. The magazine encourages its readers to share their stories, experiences, and passions by creating a sense of community and belonging through various means such as reader contributions, social media involvement, and community events. Revista Amar honours the vitality of Portuguese culture and the enduring sense of community that characterises the country via cooperation and involvement.

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