PCWOF 2018 - Antonio Dionisio

PCWOF 2018 – Antonio Dionisio


Antonio Dionisio

Antonio Dionisio is a pioneer when it comes to laying the foundation with regards to the union revolution and the hard work and endless hours he has put into helping the Portuguese Community in Canada.Mr. Dionisio was born on April 3, 1949 and immigrated to Canada on November 19, 1963. He is married to Helen and has one daughter Nicole Pinto.
Antonio Dionisio has over 30 years of experience at negotiations and bargaining issues related to union matters with Local 183. He has three decades of community service and fundraising under his belt.His resume is impressive and diversified from working with LUSO Charitable Foundation to creating the Antonio Dionisio/Local 183 Scholarship Trust.
He is the recipient of the Order of Merit – Portugal’s highest honour, as well he has received the Queens Jubilee Medal, presented by the Canadian government. Mr. Dionisio has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Rt. Honourable Jean Chretien.
As well he has received the ACAPO Community Award.

Antonio Dionisio e José M. Eustáquio, membro da comissão dos PCWOF

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